Surprise Proposal


What a fun, nervous, crazy shoot. My friend Allison is going to get engaged but she doesn’t know it yet. Her boyfriend calls me a few weeks ago to talk about his idea and I love it. He wants to completely surprise her while she thinks he is in New York or wherever and propose to her and wants me to photograph the ‘event.’ When the time finally came I felt myself get very nervous as we were hiding at the Long Center (Austin, TX) waiting for her to arrive. I had to make sure that she didn’t see me because not only would that raise a ton of questions but could also ruin the surprise. As I see her walk up the stairs I give her man a quick thumbs up, it’s game time. I wait a few moment from afar and then quickly and quietly run closer. The proposal couldn’t have gone better. I also setup a smaller camera to video tape the event. What a day.

The image above is the photograph I was able to take. You can absolutely tell her emotions and that she said yes.

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