Scott & Tiffany Wedding Video & Photography


Introducing Scott and Tiffany Shannon and their amazing day at an unbelievable venue. Beautiful flowers everywhere, a gazebo overlooking water and a tent full of color, chandeliers, stunning centers pieces and life. This wedding day started with smiles all around and ended with lots of laughter and dancing. Let’s jump right in to the wedding video:

Ok… thank you for watching the video and let’s get to some photos! I always love to get a picture of the brides dress before the wedding. To get this shot I was standing on my tip toes of a little ladder to hang the dress on a little ledge as the wind was blowing the dress back and forth. You could just see the worry in Tiffany’s face that that dress (or me!) was going to fall. I hurried as fast as I could and I love the final product of Tiffany’s gorgeous dress.










The venue at Buffalo Creek created such an amazing backdrop for the wedding. I really enjoy when the wedding and reception is at the same place and they really did a great job in putting two completely different areas in the same location. Here are a couple photos of the Buffalo Creek Winery.

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