Kyle Park ‘Turn That Crown Upside Down’ Music Video


What a great time! Hanging out on the lake with a group of pretty ladies and country music star Kyle Park all the while Paul De La Cerda is directing the party. With the title ‘Turn that Crown Upside Down’ you know the music video is going to be fun to watch and was even more fun to make. Before I get into details of the video, grab a drink and watch the music video:

As with many projects, there tends to be a few issues that arise along the way… and Kyle decided to create his by golfing in the Texas sun the day before and getting a very nice farmers tan. Since this video was mostly filmed by a pool the tan line can easily be seen with Kyle wearing a tank top. While coloring the video Paul first tried to fix it with normal coloring software but with all the movement and various colors that skin gives it was going to be a more difficult task. We proceeded by exporting the scenes that needed edited frame by frame and I wrote a Photoshop action to replace about 50 different shades of red to various shades of light brown. The process to figure out the 50 different colors and what exact color they should map to is a very tedious as you want the end product to look like nothing ever happened / very natural. Here is what a few of the color mapping looks like… and, yes, post-production is typically this exciting:
915c3f to 876241
4b281d to 4b301d
58311e to 553720
9f7659 to 9e7d59
72412a to 6e422d
+9 contrast

After I had all that figured out, I took those frames and merged them back together as a video (video is simply pictures viewed rapidly.) I typically am better at illustrating my stories with pictures so here is an example of before, in the middle and after:

Paul also directed the last music video I produced for Bri Bagwell titled ‘Crazy’ <---- Make Sure You Watch This Video!! Overall I really enjoyed being in front of the camera a little more than I should have (it's nice to be on the other side sometimes!!) and met some great people in the process. I hope you enjoy Kyle Park's newest video as much as I do... here are a few fun Behind the Scenes photos:

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