Ghostland Observatory Breaks Up – It’s a sad day for GLO fans


I have been a Ghostland Observatory fan ever since the first time I went floating the river and then jammed out all night at White Water for a GLO concert. I have since been to many of their concerts and have taken thousands of photos of the dynamic duo. Their shows always provided a different level of energy and the laser light shows were out of this world. This was one of those bands that you enjoyed their music but watching a live show was completely different and just amazing. “Ghostland Observatory is not a band, but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls.” From the sounds of it Aaron and Thomas will be heading in different directions. Here is the excerpt from their Facebook page:

I love the honesty and truth that happens inside this GLO HEAD community and thats what its all about. Thomas and I have nothing but love for all of our fans and appreciate all the support y’all have ever givin us. I do have to be honest with y’all though, for right now in this moment in time GLO will not be touring or putting out any new sounds. I know this disappoints a lot of you but just know that this hiatus was the best thing we could have ever done for ourselves. We needed to take this break for our mental and physical health and take time to be with our families. Money and Fame aint nothing if you aint got family. Also I know some people are not stoked on my new creative adventure and that is totally understandable. All y’all have ever known from me is GLO and that’s what you expect but I was born to create and follow my heart and that is exactly what I am doing. I would absolutely love for all of you to come along with me on this new trip and see what’s on the other side. With that being said just know that Thomas and I remain great friends and have chosen a different path for the moment but the bonds of a great friendship will always weather the storm and leave an opportunity in the void for magic to happen.
Much Love and Much Light To ALL!

Here is my tribute to GLO:

Here are a ton of photos that I have taken of Ghostland:

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