Fahrenheit Nutrition Commercial


Fahrenheit Nutrition is a supplement company that has been making products for years for other brands. They have decided that it was time to launch their own brand and turned to ColoredLion.com for a killer video and photography.

To create the video that I had in my head I turned to Christine Chen and we needed original sound… hand made by Richard Evans – William Leonardo Molina was our DP. The final product is below and I love it. Lot’s of work went into creating this video and I appreciate all the athletes that stayed till past midnight for the shoot and everyone else that helped make this happen.

Produced by: Daran Herrman of ColoredLion.com and Christine Chen of Moth to Flame
Directed & Edited By: Christine Chen
Director of Photography: 2nd Camera — William Leonardo Molina
3rd Camera and Asst Director: Daran Herrman
Original Score by: Richard Evans
Makeup By: Michelle Weber
Athletes in order of appearance:
Dean J Baldwin
Trent Calavan
Amir Roa
Shala S Mellors
Will Mellors
Dawn Hinz-Pugh
Matt Rodriguez
Chance Uptmore

Daran is the creator of ColoredLion.com & specializes in bringing out the amazing colors that are all around us & almost always has a camera in hand. You can find him at Google+ and Twitter.