Todd & Jennifer Austin Wedding Pictures


Weddings are always fun. I really, really enjoy everything about them including the pressure. Girls dream about this day their whole life and it’s my job to capture their big day to showcase to their friends and family for the rest of their life. Not to mention the months of planning and everything else that goes into their wedding day, no pressure at all.

I think this is what makes everything fun… the intensity of the moment and the uniqueness of every couple. I met up with Todd & Jennifer a few weeks before their wedding to do their engagement photos. They were a blast and they had some much energy and attraction with each other that I knew their wedding would be a wonderful opportunity to shoot.

One of my biggest strengths is the ability to build great teams. I have done this with the various small businesses I have owned, in a corporate job and in the high end videos I produce. Many photographers have a second shooter for weddings but they usually pick someone who is more of a glorified assistant… that’s not my style. All I care about is the end product and producing photos that Todd & Jenn will be proud of for forever, my pride can take the day off. So I reach out to William McNeil who knows ten times more about photography than I do to also shoot the wedding. I also like to work with William because he is exactly opposite of me- shoots with a different brand of camera and lenses, loves artificial lighting, actually knows all the settings in his camera, etc.

So the stage is set and my team is ready… now it’s time for the big day. The wedding is outside so I begin to walk around the grounds and become very excited. Although it’s winter, we are in Austin and the weather is wonderful, the trees are green. The attendants are setting out the chairs as Todd and Jennifer get ready and the nerves slightly begin. The guest start showing up and the bride is moments away from making her appearance.

When Jennifer makes her entrance everyone turns their head. Although I’m sure she is used to this treatment, you can tell by her smile that today is different. The closer she gets, the bigger her smile.

The ceremony was wonderful, the pastor was fun and Todd and Jennifer were amazing. Here are the photos from their special day. Please leave your comments below and CLICK HERE or on any of the photos to order prints!

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