Daran Herrman
Bri Bagwell ‘CRAZY’ Music Video

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Project Description

Women are crazy… yep, I said it. Now that ya’ll are mad at me, let me know explain myself. I’m sure most of you have had entire conversations, fights and even affairs in your head. Don’t get me wrong, a creative imagination is something to be admired but, at times, it may get out of hand. I’ve been in deep trouble about supposedly really liking a girl that I hardly knew and how I would probably say this or that without ever even saying it. Bri Bagwell wrote a song about being crazy. She wrote about being with someone that drives you insane but you stay anyway. Bri sings about how us men make women crazy and I have to say that I agree.

Project Details

Date: 07/21/14
Client: Bri Bagwell

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