Top 60 Photos of [beautiful] Women


Being a photographer has some wonderful perks at times… and every single photo below is one of them. I have worked with some amazing people over the last few years and traveled to some amazing places. When asked what my specialty is my answer is always the same: PEOPLE. Kids, musicians, weddings, engagements, parties, women, men, head shots, CD covers, etc. I really enjoy working with people and photographing women is whole different world.

I love women, but they can be very difficult at times.

In life and in work I believe you must focus on what’s important and most people major in minor things. There are so many different and unique things that are beautiful in women and it’s my job find and photograph that beauty. Anyone can take a picture of a pretty girl but the photos I love show some emotion or something different about that person. Sometimes it’s a unique hair style or a killer outfit or powerful eyes that make you week in the knees.

The only rule I had for this post is that the photo had to only be of a woman so there are many photos that didn’t make it because of other people in the picture. I am proud to present my favorite 60 photos that I have taken of [beautiful] women.

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