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Today I am traveling to College Station to see a great friend and even a greater person, Bri Bagwell. Bri and I have done so many projects together including her website, music video, CD cover art, fundraising and, of course, photography. Our paths began about at the same time. I wanted to do more and more photography and creative projects while Bri was ready to take the Texas Country Music scene head on. We were (and hopefully still) very motivated and just wanted to produce the level of art that both of us would be proud of.

If you are a photographer or wanting to be one this is the best advice I can ever give you: Go out and do something!
Ok, now that you are out and about, partner with someone that is passionate about what they want to you to create. This will be a ton of pressure on you but this is also how people learn. There are hundreds of creative people in every city that want to do something- call, email, fbook, and tweet them and see if they want their picture taken. Do if for free for awhile until your portfolio is great (not big, amount of projects is not relevant… the quality of them is) Get out there and put yourself in the position to inspire. Surround yourself with passionate people and make yourself uncomfortable… and check your ego at your front door.
Amateurs wait for inspiration, Pro’s get out and work.

Anyway, back to Bri. I met the infamous Miss Bagwell way back in late 2009. A host of up and coming musicians played together at Shiners Saloon including – Patton Sparks, Dallas Seely, Charlie Shafter, Niel Nasset and others. I have had some of my best times in Shiners listening to great musicians spilling their heart out to a small crowd.

I will never forget the first time I heard Bri sing. As I walk into Shiners that night I hear a voice full of emotions singing an old Patty Griffin song… I believe the song was ‘Let Him Fly’ but I wasn’t paying an ounce of attention to the lyrics.

I typically first head toward the bar to grab a brew but was captivated to the stage. There was only a handful of people in the place but they were huddled around the stage like a campfire. I wanted to get as close as possible to see the girl who was pouring out of her emotions on the small stage, I had to be apart of it all. Bri is the type of girl that will capture your attention and won’t let go until the night is over…

Pretty + Lovely + Voice + Amazing (simply) = Big Star

You may have heard Bri Bagwell’s music on the radio but you must see her in real life. There are people who look great on stage or on TV but are flat in real life… Bri is blessed with a pretty smile but is even more blessed with a personality. I hope you enjoy our the pictures we have created together, below are my 20 favorites.

Here are links to see all the individual photo shoots:
Bri Bagwell Photoshoot (1st one)
Bri Bagwell and the BANNED
Just Bri Bagwell laying on a table at a bar
Bri Bagwell CD Release Party
Bri Bagwell Live @the Stage
Bri Bagwell Live @Saxon Pub

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I took this photo of Bri and the BANNED at Blackheart on Rainey Street in Austin. Blackheart is this great little bar that makes you want to pound whiskey and talk about heartbreaks.

Townhouse is bar in ATX that has this huge chair and we took over the place for this shoot. You can view the Behind-the-Scenes video HERE.

These two photos were taken on an over 100 year old piano… just moments before we set it on fire.

Here is Bri in the middle of a bar lying on a table. My assistant was setting up lights on the other side of the bar for a full band photo so I took Bri to the other side where there was very little lighting. Just one single candle lit this shot… no flash, no lights. Sometimes simplicity can be the most beautiful.

I love this photo. It’s from our first shoot and the boldness in her face is stunning. When I look at this I see a girl determined.

I always like to be on the water so I had to get a photo or two on Townlake.

The fire in the photo is real. We had just set the piano up in flames for the Whiskey music video but I wanted a few photos of Bri in front of it. Probably had her a little to close but sometimes you have to push things to the limit.

Here is the back of the ‘Banned from Sante Fe’ CD design. I had to design this CD in a very, very short period of time so I basically stayed up for 2 nights in a row to make the timeline… the end product is all worth it though.

And just in case you haven’t seen Bri Bagwell’s music video that I produced, here it is:

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