A Day in the Life of ColoredLion.com [new promo video!!]

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ColoredLion.com started back in 2009 with a simple idea. To produce photography that was as bright and vibrant as the scene was in real life. We have since grown and taken that basic premise into our creation of videos, websites, online stores, graphic design and just about everything we do. We wanted to make a fun video that showcased our range of projects and services. Wether its for a band or a CEO we tell your story in a vibrant, powerful and interesting way. Photography, Video, eCommerce, Websites, Social, Email… We use the vehicle needed for the world to know your story.

This short video took 15 people to create and we could not have made it without everyones help. We also would like to thank Alta’s Cafe for letting us use their amazing coffee shop. Please check out our new short video showcasing the day in the life of ColoredLion.com:

Music By Whiskey Shivers ‘Angel in the Snow’

Produced By Daran Herrman
Editor: Jason Hatch
Steady Cam: David Lackey
Graphics & Color: Daran Herrman
Right Hand Man: Mark Pearce
Cameraman: Jason Hatch
Bride: Elisa Herrman
Groom: Dusty Herrman
Running Girl: Lucy Herrman
Driver: Ezra Peterson
Hair/Makeup: Victoria Tillery
Musician: Ashley Monical
Surf Model: Christine Bante with Austin Surf Company Surf Board
Business People: Tom Stripling, Nicolia Wiles, Cally Martin, Jill Tambunga

Here are some ‘Behind the Scenes’ photos from the video shoot.
Photography by Mark Pearce & Daran Herrman.

Christine trying to tie the bow tie.

Still trying…

More trying and finally getting with help of YouTube.

The cans were a last minute idea by Christine and luckily I had lots of cans in my recylce bin but they were all Yerba Matte and La Croix cans… very Austin-like!

Lucy (the runner girl) looking fly while on set.

The bow tie is successfully installed!

Our surf model soaking up some sun.

These are the actually shots that I took while we were filming the video… Just in case you thought I was only pretending to use the camera :)

ColoredLion.com continues to grow and is hiring!
Party with musicians, design projects for CEO’s, spend all day filming and work your ass off. If this sounds interesting to you email: daran@coloredlion.com as we are in desperate need of creative talent.

We are looking for creative people that have experience and/or are very interested in building websites, marketing, programming, social media, film or photography. Surround yourself with the people that inspire possibility, leave your mark and do something worth remembering.

What are you going to do today to make your dreams become a reality?

Daran is the creator of ColoredLion.com & specializes in bringing out the amazing colors that are all around us & almost always has a camera in hand. You can find him at Google+ and Twitter.