Patton Sparks Music Video


I am very proud to present the finished product of the Patton Sparks video for their song title ‘Loaded & Loud.’ This music video was shot in the middle of nowhere. We brought out an RV camper because there was no running water or anything of that sort… and the crew stayed the night. I don’t think there is any other way to shoot a summer country drinking song than camping next to a little river.

We may have brought expensive electronic equipment with us but the land, sky and people is what made this video beautiful. A big thanks to my director, Christine Chen, (Moth to Flame) as well as the crew who all did an amazing job. Oh, and thank you Josh, Brandon & all their fans for making this video possible. (this video was funded by the fans – so if you want a music video like this email me and I can make it happen)

A and Moth to Flame Production
Produced by: Daran Herrman and Christine Chen
Directed by: Christine Chen
Filmed by: Christine Chen and William Molina
Director of Photography: William Molina
Music Video edited by: Christine Chen
Trailer edited by: Collin Snyder
Behind the Scenes Camera: Kelsey Parks and Chris Jackson
PA: Sean Elwood, Chris Jackson, Collin Snyder
Starring: Josh Patton and Brandon Sparks

Here are some shots on ‘set’ by Daran Herrman
Click Here to see photo’s from the VIP Music Video Release Party (yes, we like to throw parties)

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