Patton Sparks Band Loaded & Loud Music Video Trailer


Here is a sneak preview of the Patton Sparks Band Loaded & Loud Music Video. We are releasing the video October 3rd, 2012! teamed up with Moth to Flame and had a killer time producing this video. Big thanks to our crew and Josh & Brandon for making this video possible.

A and Moth to Flame Production
Produced by: Daran Herrman and Christine Chen
Directed by: Christine Chen
Filmed by: Christine Chen and William Molina
Director of Photography: William Molina
Music Video edited by: Christine Chen
Trailer edited by: Collin Snyder
Behind the Scenes Camera: Kelsey Parks and Chris Jackson
PA: Sean Elwood, Chris Jackson, Collin Snyder

Starring: Josh Patton and Brandon Sparks

Daran is the creator of & specializes in bringing out the amazing colors that are all around us & almost always has a camera in hand. You can find him at Google+ and Twitter.