Best Overview of Net Neutrality – What You Must Know… NOW!

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The Internet is a huge part of my life. I’m able to sell, buy, communicate and waste time however I see fit. I can find what I want and seek out the largest or smaller shop out there. All websites and data should be equal and no company should be able to pay for quicker service. Our Internet here in the US is already way behind much of the world and this would be a huge step backward.

There is only two ways to control monopolization: regulation and competition… and I prefer the latter. If you regulate the ability to compete you are the antithesis of what capitalism stands for.

Please stay around to watch the entire video, especially to around the 4min mark. John Oliver does an amazingly hilarious job of making a rather boring topic interesting:

Now it’s time to do some f*cking KARATE! Go to the FCC website and send your comments in.


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