Matt & Leanne’s Beautiful Day


I first met Matt and Leanne in the dead heat of summer in Austin a few years ago. They were visiting a friend of mine and I really enjoyed showing them around my town. I grew closer to Matt and Leanne as time passed and they invited me to their home to photograph their wedding.

There are plenty of very skilled photographers in the Boston area but I think what sets me apart is that I don’t just ‘get to know’ people – I love to be apart of their lives. I want to capture all the emotions of the day and I don’t want to miss a moment. With all the technology improvements you are seeing a crazy amount of photographers out there but I truly care and I really like to have fun. I’m crazy about being there and getting that moment in her eyes when she sees him for the first time as his wife. The dancing, the friendships, the life in the air, the love. Yes, I edit my photos in photoshop but emotions are not created by some filter or action – they are to be captured in that very moment. No matter how good your camera and equipment is there is nothing compared to seeing true love in someone’s eyes.

I am extremely fortunate and humbled that Matt & Leanne allowed me to be apart of their special day. Below are just a sample of the photos, click on any of them to order prints. Please comment at the bottom of the page to become apart of Matt & Leanne’s story.

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