Love in a Little White Church… Photographing A Kansas Wedding


Kansas is one of my favorite states. Yes, Kansas… and if you haven’t been then you just wouldn’t understand. There’s something very quant about a small town surrounded by miles of farmland especially an old white church in the middle of it all. Getting there is a whole different thing. I can fly to the Virgin Islands in less travel time then to Hays, KS. My original flight was canceled and had to redirect to Manhattan (the little apple, not the big one) and drive a few hours to reach my destination.

I grew up in the heartland just outside the large town of Hays, Kansas and came back to shoot a wedding for Thomas and Nichole. I arrived the night before the big day to spend time with my mom and to stare at the stars. The next day began with meeting all the girls at the salon for hair, makeup and mimosas… which is the best way to start a Saturday.

The wedding was at this wonderful little white church literally in the middle of nowhere. As we drive up to the church I start to get excited. My smile quickly fades the second I step out of the car… BOOM, I am hit with a forceful wind. Oh boy. Small church with no opportunity to do outside photos.

The preparation for the wedding begins as people fill the seats. The church as this great feel to it and the ceremony begins with only a slight hiccup – Mila, a flower girl, decides to continue her job during the ceremony as you can see here:

With the crazy amount of wind we decide to get a little creative. I shoot the bride and groom in the doorway with a super wide 11mm lens and turned out to be one of my favorite photos I have taken:

The rest of the photos turned out wonderful and the reception was a good ‘ole time. Shooting wedding are always a challenge, but challenges typically bring opportunities. Here are some of the other photos from Thomas and Nichole’s wedding.

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