Laura & Ryan’s Once in a Lifetime Wedding


Weddings are crazy. Crazy fun, crazy stressful & crazy beautiful… especially with this couple. I first met Laura in Austin to photograph her in her wedding dress. I enjoy being able to be able to take a few photos before the wedding because we then print that photo up and place it at the entrance of the reception & everyone seemed to love the photo:

Most people know for our photography but we actually also do quite a bit of video. music videos, commercials and, of course, wedding video. I brought a crew of 5 people (4 plus me) to make sure we captured every angle of Laura and Ryan’s special day. For wedding videos I like to more make them like a movie trailer. Lots of very cool shots cut to music that give it that high-end movie like feel.

The venue was Ashton Gardens in Dallas and was a wonderful place… except there were a ton of windows and the wedding was at night. The reason why windows can be tough is when you use flash it can bounce off the windows and create a glare. Luckily I had a lighting expert with me, William McNeil, and he was really able to bring the vibrance I wanted to the photos. We had a ton of fun and really enjoyed being apart of Laura and Ryan’s special day – I really hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I do.

“Love me and the world is mine.”
This is one of those unique photos that I really enjoy, everyone that stayed to the very end of the wedding were true friends that made this photo possible.

Many people don’t know this but I was in the jewelry business for about 6 years and focused on wedding rings/diamonds (maybe why I love weddings?) and I have to say that Ryan did a great job with this wedding set.

A bunch of guys just hanging out before Ryan gets hitched.

Here is Laura having a bit of fun while getting ready. Out of all the photos we took I think this one captures her personality the best.

Here is Laura and I just after the wedding and getting ready to have fun at the reception.

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