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Hi, my name is Daran Herrman from ColoredLion.com and I would like to fund your next music video. I love working with musicians and doing creative projects is my passion. If you browse around ColoredLion.com you will see huge artists like Nelly, Macklemore, Enrique Iglesia, Ghostland Observatory, PANIC! at the Disco, AWOLNATION, Wade Bowen, Flo Rida, Jason Boland, Sean McConnell, Glen Hansard, etc but the bands that I really love working with are the up and comers. The bands that love what they are doing and are scraping by. Bands like Bri Bagwell, Niel Nasset, Patton Sparks, Sarah Jane, Carrie Christine and various others that love to play music for any sized crowd.

I live in downtown Austin, TX so I have access to some of the best music in the world only steps away from my home. I try and experience as much as I can and I typically take my camera with me. This can sometimes be frustrating because you see and hear these amazing bands with so much talent but completely undiscovered. This is where I come in. I create CMT/MTV quality videos… Let me show you:

Bri Bagwell’s Music Video for ‘Whiskey’ – over 40k views on YouTube and she was just named Female Vocalist of the Year… not too long ago she was playing in a small bar singing her heart out.

Here is Patton Sparks’ video for their song title ‘Loaded & Loud.’ This music video was shot in the middle of nowhere. We brought out an RV camper because there was no running water or anything of that sort… and the crew stayed the night. I don’t think there is any other way to shoot a summer country drinking song than camping next to a little river.

We may have brought expensive electronic equipment with us but the land, sky and people is what made this video beautiful. A big thanks to the Patton Sparks fans for making this video possible.

A video like Patton Sparks or Bri Bagwell’s will run anywhere from the $3-6k range and could be more or less depending on what’s wanted… to be safe I would budget around $5-6k for a video like these. I can really make any budget work but usually the more important question is what is wanted. Everything and I mean everything is customized to what you want. I know that five grand is hard for a starving artist to come up with and I am here to help.

I have been very successful in raising funds via Kickstarter. Basically I only charge a commission (around 10% depending on how small or large the goal is) and the idea is that by using me you would raise more than you normally would – my average is 175% better than the goal ($24k in goals & $42k in received on 3 fundraisers.) What I do is create the video, help with the rewards and marketing. So if you want a killer music video but need to raise the $$$ send me an email or Contact Me Here and I can make it happen!

Bri Bagwell – 188% Goal was $11k and she received just over $20k
Patton Sparks Band – 154% Goal was $9k and they received over $13k
Niel Nasset – 187% Goal was $4k and he received $7500

Bri Bagwell Kickstarter Video:

Patton Sparks Kickstarter Video:

Niel Nasset’s Kickstarter Video:

You can view any of the Kickstarter pages by clicking on them here:

Daran is the creator of ColoredLion.com & specializes in bringing out the amazing colors that are all around us & almost always has a camera in hand. You can find him at Google+ and Twitter.