Contact specializes in telling vibrant, powerful and interesting stories with a camera and/or online for top brands, bands and creative people.  Photography, Video, eCommerce, Websites, Social, Email… We use the vehicle needed for the world to know your story.

We work with people in love, top brands, bands, kids, fitness, events and just about anything worth capturing. We love to photograph everything from weddings to products to live shows to CD covers to pool parties. also has classes and tutorials for photographers from beginners (including the iPhotographers) to experts that want to learn more about how to enhance their skills and advanced editing techniques.

History started out with a simple idea. To produce photography that was as bright and vibrant as the scene was in real life. Daran Herrman, who created, purchased a top of the line camera with expensive lenses and went out for his first shoot. The pictures came back dull and no where near the imagery he had in his head. Daran began editing his photos with Photoshop and taking multiple exposure levels of the same scene and merging them together to digitally recreate what our eye sees. His first shoot was with this new approach created beautiful images that were very unique. This grew into a business as more and more people wanted to be captured with this new look.

After a few different business names, was created in 2009 and has a, well, unique meaning. The ‘colored’ part stands for all the color and vibrance that is captured through photography. The ‘lion’ is short for ‘lion heart’ and stands for never giving up and giving it your all.
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Available for worldwide travel.
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