Can I Get An Amen! Music Video


Can I get an AMEN! Creating and working with people on projects like this one is why I absolutely love what I do. Mike Sanford is a musician with a very positive and emotional force to his songs. ‘Can I Get An Amen’ is an uplifting song that is fun yet powerful. As we were brainstorming on the story we wanted to illustrate for the music video Mike had a very clear vision of what the song stood for. With that as the driving force we put together a great game plan and Luling was the perfect place to shoot the video. I can not stress enough thanks to the town of Luling for not only shutting down Main Street for us but also for all the people that came out in the heat and helped be apart of our project.

I always try to surround myself with not only creative people but also in creative environments that inspire me so when looking for a ‘hotel’ I called up the “Fritz” Zedler House that was built in 1900. The house served as a space for the entire crew to be together before/after shooting but ended up being much more than that as we even changed the storyboard to shoot a scene in the house. Here are two screenshots of the video in which we used the living room:

And here is a photo of the outside of the Zedler House:

After the video is all edited and put together it becomes time to ‘color’ which will add life or, well, color to the video. This song was very bright and colorful to me so I wanted to really bring out the beautiful shots that we got. Here are a few before and after screenshots:

As you can see the after (right side) is much more vibrant and colorful.

The big problem with bringing out the saturation in a photo or video is that it tends to make skin color very orange or red. Basically you have two options: lose the bring color or ‘mask’ the video by actually drawing a circle around the faces clip by clip… With a name like I absolutely love color so it was time for me to mask away – here is an example:

Ok, ok, ok… enough talk and let’s watch the final result of a music video that I am very proud of:

And here are some amazing behind the scenes photos that really bring me back to beautiful town of Luling and the great fun had with our crew:

Philip the DP getting up close and personal.

Checking out the setup from the view of the RED Dragon camera.

Paul (director) looking focused…. or confused. Probably confused.

Producer, Director and Director of Photography trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.

Our rancher getting ready to sell his last heifer.

Mother and daughter (Mike’s wife & daughter) strolling through a sea of trees.

Produced by: Daran Herrman of
Directed by: Paul De La Cerda
Director of Photography: Philip Roy

Song: Can I Get an Amen
Artist: Mike Sanford
Album: Hope & Broadway (2014)
© Mike Sanford Music BMI 2014
Lamon Nashville Records

Assistant Camera: Chris Mireles
Gaffer/Grip: Zach Humphreys
Coloring: Daran Herrman & Paul De La Cerda
Executive Producer: Daran Herrman
Rancher: Jim Dickinson
Young Rancher: Colby Stephens
Homeless Guy: Jeremy St. James
Mom: Krisi Sanford
Little Girl: Lydia Sanford
Hair & Makeup: Kat Franklin

Special thanks to:
The town of Luling, TX for bending over backwards helping to make this production as smooth as it could be. Derek Hall for jumping through hoops to make the locations happen. Thank you Krisi Sanford, Jim Dickinson, and Colby Stephens for devoting your time as actors. Many thanks to all of you that showed up to be a part of the live shoot and braved a bit of heat. Thanks to Eddie Gaither for allowing your super sweet ride be in the video. Thanks to Central Baptist Church Luling, TX for cooking, taking care of everybody, and showing up. A Huge thank you to Mike Sanford, his great family, Paul de la Cerda, Kat, Philip and the rest of the team for a great project. You guys are great to work with and you’re all incredible artists.

Also special thanks to:
Derek Hall – Drums
Darryl McEachin – Keys
Clay Karch – Bass
Robert Lawhon – Guitar/Mandolin

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