Bri Bagwell Photo Shoot at Steamboat Music Fest


I have been with working Bri for a few years now and have created some of my favorite photos. She is very photogenic and we have a ton a fun, which shows through in the pictures. Being around creative people like Bri pushes me and motivates me to create bigger and better things than I have ever done before… and makes me believe that I can do it.

Bri and I were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the MusicFest but wanted to also have some fun on the mountain. It was around ten degrees while I made Bri model and then ski down the mountain with only a Kyle Park ‘Make or Break Me’ tank top and her mom’s old school bibs. People were hooting and hollering (which I’m sure Bri is used to) all the way down the mountain but we returned with some wonderful pictures.

I planned our back drops the day before but there was a slight problem with my locations… we had to go up the mountain, down to the right and up another lift and down a black to get to where I wanted to go.

“Don’t be comfortable, satisfied or scared… go do it. Pursue your goal and get outside your comfort zone.”

I’m a pretty good skier but things are very different with a super heavy backpack, especially getting on a lift. I was super close to falling out of the lift as I didn’t quite think about how small the seat was and how big my pack is. Smooth start Daran.

I am more than prepared for this shoot. I have three cameras and more lenses than I need in my pack and I love my locations but I still always get nervous. It’s freezing cold and wet and electronics typically do not like that combination. Did I pick the locations that are actually good, how am I going to pull this off and other negative thoughts flow through my head as we head up the mountain. Stress can be good at times, especially when you want to be ready to create.

I’m one of those people that watches motivational videos, reads quotes and self help books, etc. I made a choice a long time ago in which I’m going to challenge myself everyday and I don’t care what I did yesterday… I’m going to take advantage of everything around me – the snow, trees, sky, sun. I take every photo like it is going to be on a magazine cover… people think I’m crazy when I spend over an hour perfecting a photo and then redoing it. You damn right I’m crazy and I’m different but this is my dream and I want it to happen and I’m making it a reality by doing everything I have to do.

“Go do what you want to be and it will become”

Anyway, back to the mountain. We ski down to the spot I have picked out, kick off the skis, take a step and sink to almost my waist in snow. Usually powder is super exciting but this is kinda crazy. I build a little platform for Bri to stand on but a step left or right and she will be eating snow.

We got very lucky. The temperature was way below freezing but the sun was shining right on us. After a few shots of Rebecca Creek whiskey we start rolling. We use the excellent powder to throw in the air and create very unique photos. The trees behind Bri looked just how I dreamed in my head.

We meet up with Josh Patton from the Patton Sparks band to help out as we move to our second location – which was very close to a lift. Most people are super bundled up with large ski coats but Bri is only wearing a bright pink tank top and everyone takes notice.

Did I mention that we got lucky? The sky was amazing and even gave us a little rainbow. We finish the shoot by getting some action shots while skiing down the mountain. This was one of the most fun and unique shoots I have done and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I do.

Here are some fun ‘Behind the Scenes’ photos taken by either Josh Patton or I with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note III) and edited with a free app called Snapseed.

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