Bri Bagwell Music Video "Whiskey"

bri-bagwell-photo-coloredlion-1 has been working with Bri Bagwell for over the last 2 years and we have created some awesome products… and we have just topped all of them. Bri needed a world class CMT style music video but had a slight problem… funding. My response?

No problem.

Anyone who knows me with tell you that I live the saying that every issue has opportunities and the bigger the issue the bigger the opportunity.

So we decided to raise some funds by creating Bri a Kickstarter page. Her goal? $11k – we raised $20,775.00… BOOM! Let’s make a video! (click here to email me if you would like a video but don’t want to pay for it)

So I dialed up Christine Chen from Moth to Flame to help produce and direct Bri’s debut music video for her new single “Whiskey.” The shoot took two full days at two different locations, Rock Studio Pool in Dripping Springs and Saxon Pub. The project would not have been possible without a crew of awesome people. Stay tuned in the next few weeks because we will have exclusive behind the scenes material. We are very excited about the release and the first day had over 2,000 views!
-Daran Herrman of

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