Ashley Monical’s Debut Album Needs Your Help!


Ashley is a very soulful musician that is in the process of creating her first full length album and turned to for help. We created a video that showcases her talent and her beautiful personality for her crowd funding campaign. Please watch the video below and share to help the world hear Ashley’s voice! Her bio starts off with a powerful quote from one of her songs “Who are you gonna be tonight: a lover, a friend, an enemy of mine?” A line like this can’t help but captivate your attention and leave you wanting more. If Ashley reaches her goal, she not only will be able to release an album, she will be able to cover multiple expenses that include touring, marketing, promotion and more. This is will do wonders for getting her music out there! has helped independent musicians raise over $50,000 with crowd funding campaigns with an average of 150%+ over their fund raising goal. We create the video, help with the rewards and marketing… and love every second of it. Send us an email or contact us here if you need help making your dream become a reality.

Elaina Kay – 130% Goal was $10k and she received just over $13k
Bri Bagwell – 188% Goal was $11k and she received just over $20k
Patton Sparks Band – 154% Goal was $9k and they received over $13k
Niel Nasset – 187% Goal was $4k and he received $7500

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