Amber & Jude’s Downtown Austin Wedding – Photography by


Welcome to a very unique wedding. 1 location, an art showroom, for the ceremony and reception in the middle of downtown Austin, Texas. I would expect nothing less from Jude and Amber. Both are very active in the downtown community and seem to love Austin almost as much as I do.

The night before was filled with toasts, wonderful food, good friends and close family while a light rain fell around us. As friend after friend and family members raised their glass to celebrate the wonderful couple you could not help but notice the joy in Amber’s expressions and the energy in Jude’s. The entire party couldn’t wait for the wedding.

Saturday began by loading up all my equipment for a half mile drive down congress. As I walk into the venue I can’t help but smile… this wedding will be anything but traditional. Art exhibits to the left, mural of candy on the back wall and colorful string just about everywhere.

Although the space is very hip, it’s pretty small and a full house is expected. This poses some issues for my other photographer, William McNeil, and I to navigate and capture every moment. We setup lights in the perfect locations, test everything and are ready to go. The ceremony begins and everyone stands to see Amber enter the room. Amber floats through the room with a huge smile. She meets Jude and here is when things get interesting.

You can plan everything out perfectly but sometimes you just have to improvise. The space is limited and both the bride and groom are facing the windows. Panic sits in as I assume that Jude and Amber would not be happy with a few hundred photos of only their backside. So I jump outside and take photos through the glass windows and from the street. This wedding will be anything but boring.

Eventually they both turn and we are able to capture their wedding as we planned. The photos from outside really showcase how much of a modern wedding this was in the middle of Congress avenue. The reception was a blast and even included a magician. Please see the photos below and click on any of them to order prints.

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